Digital Marketing Trends 2021

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends

5 key aspects of Digital Marketing

With the advancement of technology and increased use of Digital Platforms, the marketing trend through digital media has shown exponential growth recently.

This form of marketing through the use of social media platforms is termed Digital Marketing and today, we shall discuss top Marketing trends that will be on rising in the future and shall result in huge profits for the company.

1.Customer Valuation: Nowadays, the key to sales or Business expansion lies in understanding the customer and providing value to them. Customer valuation and entertaining the customer rather than always trying to sell is the key to build a long-term relationship with the customer and will be on the trend in the future.

There are three key points in customer valuation:

  • Improvement in customer acquisition and retention.
  • Optimization of customer service quality reducing costs.
  • Enhanced valuation of projects that impact customers.

In moving towards an era with more choices available in the market for each product, it is really very important to understand the demographics of customers and provide them with ample value so that a particular company can stay in their memory for a longer period of time and can drive in more sales through them.

While this may be challenging for many businesses, the key to success in this modern competitive Digital Era will be lying in setting a proper strategy by defining the needs and requirements of a customer and then feeding them with ample free information (Brand Awareness) before actually asking them to use their credit card for a particular product.

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2. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for Marketing: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in digital marketing plays a very important role to bridge the gap between data analytics and how these strategies were used to provide relevant content to the audience.

AI uses a huge amount of data and transforms it into marketing analytics which helps businesses to reach more potential customers and aim for more targeted leads.

There are several ways to use AI for marketing:

  • Sales Forecast: AI helps to collect data from emails, calls, meetings and aims to create content for future campaigns to drive in more sales.
  • Finding the trend: With a large chunk of data personalized and collected from different parts of the Internet, AI helps to search for trends on the Internet and create content accordingly to generate interest in a particular product for their customers.
AI for Marketing
  • Programming AD targeting: With the data collected in the form of cookies from browsing sites, AI can target a person that meets the advertiser’s Business criteria.

Criteria can be anything ranging from age, gender, location, and other factors.

A good example of this AD TARGETING is Facebook Ads.

  • Chatbots: A good example of AI is chatbots which work on the principle of pre-set messages in reply to potential questions.

Big businesses face a lot of difficulty in answering every query of customers. This is where AI chatbots come into the role. They reply to each query within a fraction of a second. This reduces human intervention and response, thus saving time and money.

AI Chatbots

3.Marketing Cloud and Email automation: Sending targeted emails to customers through the use of email automation tools is known as Email Marketing.

Automation in emails has certain advantages as it saves a certain portion of time thereby allowing time to understand customer demographics better and optimizing business accordingly.

Basically, there are 4 types of Email Marketing:

  • Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails are sent individually to customers either as a confirmation to purchase or as a welcome email sent when they sign up for a particular website.

  • Information Emails

These kinds of emails are focused on promotional offers or contain information about an upcoming event with a clear call to action (CTA) that often encourages customers to visit a landing page.

  • Digital Newsletter This kind of newsletter contains a summary of recently created content with some call to action. Generally, an attractive title or Image is given in these emails to make them more attractive.
  • Product Update These mails are generally sent to targeted customers to make them aware of new products or services of a particular brand that they follow.

These kinds of emails are awareness-creating mails.

These mails offer great targeted leads and result in more sales, so this form of marketing is on-trend as is increasing exponentially.

Email Marketing

4.Increased Branding through Micro Video content: Micro video content is on the tremendous rise due to the increased workload of the Audience.

As the workload of the Audience Increases, the audience retention decreases tremendously and people love to watch content on the go. So, the Increased micro-video trend has led to brands coming up with short videos which are of duration 30–60 seconds. These videos entertain the audience as well as simultaneously make them aware of their products to result in sales.

Definitely, as more and more brands evolve in the Digital Market, the demand for skilled content strategists will be on the rise, as they are the ones with creative minds who will be responsible for creating innovative micro-videos to spread more brand awareness.

Short Video Content is the Future

5.The increasing trend in Influencer Marketing with more targeted Influencers: For several years Influencer Marketing has been on the trend. Influencer Marketing offers increased audience engagement and has the power to endorse and Influence the audience which results in more targeted sales in a lesser marketing budget.

It has been observed that brands spend almost 25% of their marketing budget on Influencers which is continuously on the rise. The reason being the trust of Influencers in a particular product adds to more sales directly from a particular place without having to spend millions on Advertising Platforms that keep on Updating.

Regular updates and optimization of Advertising Platforms result in more spending of ad budget without many effective targeted leads.

More targeted ROI and long-term relationship with the Influencers makes it a hot trend in 2021 and will be on the exponential rise in the near Digital Marketing Future.

These were the top digital marketing trend which will be on the rise in 2021 and the near future. Businesses adapting to these techniques more effectively will see exponential growth in profits and will result in more ROI.

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