How to Build A long term Customer Relationship?

Mriganka Paul
2 min readMar 8, 2021


Chocolates worth Rs 150/piece available only for Rs 25?🤔🤔

This was the thought which came to my mind yesterday while I got a delivery yesterday from My JioMart.
If this sounds surprising to you, let me break it down.

Jio Mart

Actually, I recently shifted to online groceries due to covid. I was Confused because of so many brands available in the market in this field.
I googled I downloaded few Apps but heard that My JioMart is offering FREE delivery.

The word “FREE” struck in my mind. While scrolling, I found my favorite Amul (GCMMF) is offering my favorite chocolate worth Rs 150 at Rs 75, which was a 50% discount.

So I at once ordered it. Upon delivery the next day, I found 2 sanitizers worth Rs 25 each FREE with it along with free delivery.
It came to the following bill:
The total cost of the Chocolate= Rs 75
Sanitizers free=Rs 50
Which brings down the cost of chocolate to Rs 25 while the actual MRP is Rs 150.

Credits trade India

This comes to conclusion with a very important marketing strategy, that Jio uses.
It always tries to fill in the Gap in the market.
When all the companies were offering free delivery on orders above Rs 400, the Jiomart franchise came in with the offer of Free Delivery, which resulted in more customers and more sales, and eventually more Profits.

And all this has happened with a very less marketing cost.
Thinking about offering benefits to customers at first rather than thinking of sales is the first step to building a long-term customer relationship.

What are your thoughts?



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